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An innovative knowledge base for learning begins with the merging of knowledge, instruction and technology. The CCLEC’s E-learning represents this amalgamation. The content and  knowledge-base of expert instructors and the practical experiences of learners are fused with advanced web technology to transform the operations of Customs Administrations regionally and Internationally. The result: a highly proficient workforce, responsive to diverse changes in the new millennium.

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One Platform - endless possibilities - for advancement

Whether learning takes place from within a living room or an outdoor park; or from a mobile device or desktop computer; within CCLEC’s E-learning environment training is multidimensional.The system exploits current e-learning tools and computer technology such as online presentation software, audio, videos, multimedia, and web conferencing, catering to multiple learning styles and aptitudes.

Online navigation is made simple through a seamless interface. Quality standards are maintained—courses are standardized, and teaching is easily monitored and evaluated. Students assume a proactive role in their learning, monitoring their progress through easily accessible data reporting. Above these are the opportunities for collaborative learning and communication across all borders.

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Welcome to CCLEC Elearning Platform
by Aaron Smith - Tuesday, 27 January 2015, 3:37 PM

Welcome to the CCLEC E learning platform. Stay tuned for  the upload of new courses. Email us for more information.

secretariat @cclec.net